AbzeSolar S.A.

AbzeSolar S.A., based in Burkina Faso, scales the use of sustainable energy solutions in the sub-Saharan region to eradicate poverty through energy and heating products, financing, cooperation, training, and employment. The ‘Initiative MAMA-LIGHT for Sustainable Energy’, launched by Abze empowers communities to organize, manufacture, implement, maintain, and use sustainable solar energy and other renewable energy solutions to create jobs and to grow their local economies.

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“As a Princess from the country side I work hard to empower my people. I have set up my company AbzeSolar to provide women, youth and the Informal sector with means to develop themselves and to create a better future for themselves.
I represent the African bottom of the pyramid and the African Informal Sector in international meetings and in global platforms.
I believe the Informal Sector is the engine of the economy in developing countries. I see it as my duty to bring this awareness to the policy makers and to put a legal framework in place, in this context I organized a side event during the Third Conference Finance for Development in Addis Ababa "Empowering the Informal Sector in Africa" in partnership with the International Chamber of Commerce and UNDP.

To accelerate the empowerment I have set up the partnership between UNDP and AbzeSolar S.A. to scale up the use of sustainable energy solutions in the sub-Saharan region for poverty eradication. Via the Multifunction Platform (MFP), a concept and a structure developed and deployed by UNDP, and the “Initiative MAMA-LIGHT for Sustainable Energy”, a program initiated by H.R.H. Princess Abzeita Djigma, Women, Youth and the Informal Sector will be facilitated and empowered in organizing, implementing, maintaining and using sustainable solar energy and other renewable energy solutions to facilitate the growth of a sustainable local informal and private sector.

UNDP and AbzeSolar S.A. started to implement this in the current 3500 MFP’s:
- To assure access to high quality and affordable solar and other renewable energy products for all MFP’s
- To secure local expertise to advice, install and maintain energy solutions
- To together act as an example and catalyst to grow local economies With the objective
- To create a sustainable local living environment
- To create jobs in beneficiary communities, notably for women and youth
- To empower the local informal and private sector
- To create a sustainable local living environment
- To transform (or to bring) the informal economy step by step to the formal sector While working together with local and traditional authorities and respecting there experience, culture and traditions and building from there.