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Banka BioLoo provides eco-friendly and sustainable solutions for sanitation in rural, urban and peri-urban areas. Bio-toilets (or bioloos) treat human waste using bacterial culture, which eliminates the need for excreta disposal and treatment.

There are an estimated 100 million households in India that do not have access to toilets, and 50% of people are forced to defecate in the open, posing health, safety, and environmental hazards. Open defecation also contaminates local water supplies. To address the problem, Banka Bioloo provides ‘on-site’ human waste treatment facilities, using its environmentally-friendly toilets. The toilets use bio-digester technology (patented by the Indian Defence) that ‘eats-away’ waste and produces biogas that can be made into fuel and pathogen-free effluent water. Banka BioLoo provides “on-site” human waste treatment facility, using its environmentally friendly bioloos. The user is not dependent on external infrastructure for waste disposal or treatment.

The bioloo treats human waste:
• in 100% eco-friendly manner
• saves energy
• conserves water
• produces biogas

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The bioloos address the below customer and user needs:
• Meet the need for basic, easy-to-install and hygienic human waste disposal mechanism in areas with no infrastructural facilities currently, such as sewerage treatment facilities
• Address the need for a cheaper and easy-to-operate alternative to the traditional waste disposal system

We see bioloos as a long-term and sustainable solution to India's woes of massive inadequate sanitation - half of the country's population, i.e. 600 million people. The impact is supposed to be gigantic as the system eases the burden of building sewage transportation and treatment infrastructure on the governments; at the same time providing long-lasting and self-sustaining sanitation system.

With appropriate support, we'd like to take this solution to Africa, where the need for sanitation infrastructure is very high.

How does your innovation work?

Bio-digester is a consortium of anaerobic bacteria that have been screened and gradually adapted to work at temperatures as low as -5°C through the isolation of psychrophilic bacteria from Antarctica/Siachen. These act as inoculums (seed material) to the bio-digesters and convert the organic waste into methane and CO2. The anaerobic process inactivates the pathogens responsible for water-borne diseases. Bio-digesters serve as reaction vessels for bio-methanation and provide anaerobic conditions and the required temperature for the bacteria.

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Take it to the vast rural areas without sanitation