Chipsafer is a platform that can geolocate and detect anomalies in cattle behaviour remotely and autonomously enabling the farmer to take fast action

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We have already done payed pilots in Brazil, Uruguay, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Kenya, Namibia and we are starting one in Australia. We already have the product but need to generate stock of devices. That is why we hired a manufacturer.

How does your innovation work?

Chipsafer, is a patented platform that can track and early detect anomalies in cattle behavior completely remotely and autonomously. The animal wears a self-recharging device that transmits information about it to our servers and we then process the information. With chipsafer the farmer can know where his animals are and receive warnings if an anomaly is detected or if an animal trespasses a specified perimeter, which enables the detection of diseases on time and combats cattle theft. The farmer also receives actionable information about the livestock performance to improve the production. Furthermore, by knowing the location of the animals at all times it can be proved that the animals are not being raised in protected areas, such as the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. Our long term vision is to be able to help farmers become more efficient without generating a negative impact in the environment. Also, we would like to expand and track wildlife.

What is your strategy for expanding use of your innovation?

Currently our biggest constraint is the production of our devices. So our main next milestone is to be able to generate stock of devices in order to be able to provide the service to a lot more farmers. We have already hired a manufacturer to produce our devices. Chipsafer’s longer term goal is to increase food chain transparency for the end-consumers of farm animal products, enabling informed and healthier choices.

Short term: we need to manufacture large quantities and generate stock. We will hire at least 3 more people including another computer scientist to help generate more algorithms, a software developer to help on the support side, and a production manager to make sure our orders are fulfilled on time.

Medium term: adapt our devices to be used by any type of animals, including farming and wildlife. We are already working with a reserve in Kenya and one in Brazil to monitor wildlife

Long term: make chipsafer accessible for the end consumer, so that every person will be able to know exactly what they are eating, where it came from and how healthy it is.