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ECOLOO Sustainable Sanitation Solution that Saves Lives, Water, Energy and the Environment!


Imad Agi

ECOLOO is a social impact driven enterprise. We design, manufacture, market and distribute innovations related to water, sustainable sanitation, hygiene and environment to solve the world's pressing WASH issues.

Description:ECOLOO base is made of a 2-tier chamber: the upper chamber is where human waste including urine (not urine diversion system) is collected and treated by specially formulated bacterial culture whilst the lower chamber is where the organic fertilizer in liquid form is rendered to by gravity using no water to flush. The lower chamber is built with a special indicator and...


Description:ECOLOO base is made of a 2-tier chamber: the upper chamber is where human waste including urine (not urine diversion system) is collected and treated by specially formulated bacterial culture whilst the lower chamber is where the organic fertilizer in liquid form is rendered to by gravity using no water to flush. The lower chamber is built with a special indicator and outlet for end users to collect or drain out the ready-to-use by product each time the lower chamber is full.

While the bacterial culture dissolves the solid waste and turns this waste and other degradable waste such as toilet papers and tissues into ashes in this water free environment within just 3-4 days, the nitrification process that is built in the system converts the liquid waste into by product of value added fertilizer that is odour free, pathogen free and yet full of nutrients within 30 minutes.

Value Added Fertilizer:ECOLOO has only one chamber with one hole and all the waste, including toilet paper, urine or wash water, will all go down naturally by the pull of gravity into the upper chamber. Users have an option to dry flush the solid waste by flattening it with a special built in mechanical device. The by-product is partly a brownish liquid fertilizer rich in nutrients and free from odor and pathogens (organisms generating diseases). This organic fertilizer will be a huge saving in fertilizer usage to nursery plantation caretakers as soon as they replace the chemical fertilizer with natural fertilizer for their nursery.


Stage 5: Scaling

ECOLOO, with its global presence in over 20 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America has over 3,000 toilet installations.

Focus Areas:

Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Health, Environment and 6 MoreSEE ALL

Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Health, Environment, Waste Management, Sanitation, Resilience, Entrepreneurship, Refugees and Housing and InfrastructureSEE LESS

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ECOLOO's high level of sustainability allows to address the complex issue of sanitation from several angles: - Improving the lives of people exposed to unsafe sanitation practices - Ensuring that the dignity of exercising sanitation and hygiene is available for all, including those living in the territories with no stable electricity sources or developed sewage systems - Lowering sanitation-related water consumption - Preventing water and crops contamination through sewage leakage and disease transmission - Reducing sanitation-related expenses



ECOLOO sustainable eco-social innovation enclosed toilet system as an ultimate solution is odorless, waterless (water is used for washing and hygiene purposes), decentralized, sewage free, energy-free and maintenance-free. It employs special formulated bacterial culture to treat and vanish human waste and transform the urine into natural liquid fertilizer that is odor free, pathogen free and full of nutrients, perfect for organic farming. ECOLOO does not require water for flushing but water can still be used for hygiene or cleaning purpose. By using ECOLOO, one can save gallons of clean water from being flushed into septic tank or sewage treatment plant and millions to billions of Dollars from being spent on sewage treatment and sewage transportation.

Target Beneficiaries

Our beneficiaries are mainly the 2.5 billion people who do not have access to water and sanitation, rural communities which have no access to proper toilet facilities, shortage of water due to drought or geographical condition, victims of disaster, refugees, slums, homeless, schools in rural or remote areas, floating houses. Other than that, our market segment includes heritage sites, national parks, islands, sports & festival events, off grid houses, pilgrimage areas, construction sites and off shores.

Mission and Vision

Our Vision is to contribute to a better environment by solving water, sanitation and hygiene issues through sustainable toilet system to every household

Our Mission is:
§ To improve sanitation globally and provide sanitation system that is economically viable, socially acceptable, technologically and institutionally appropriate and environmental friendly
§ To create a global recognized brand
§ To attain the lowest cost so that everyone can afford to use ECOLOO
§ To make significant contributions in the fields of WASH and agriculture
§ To be the best company to work for where employees are treated as part of big family
§ To maintain the highest quality product, embracing technology to reduce cost and enhance service levels
§ To educate, promote and protect human health, hygiene and dignity by providing eco toilet and breaking the cycle of disease

Competitive Advantage

Our distinctive competitive advantages over our competitors are:
§ ECOLOO is odour free all the time
§ Our price is affordable and reasonable
§ ECOLOO is durable and can sustain any weather condition
§ ECOLOO does not require removal of solid waste like other composting toilets
§ ECOLOO is appealing with various options from design to color, shapes and sizes
§ ECOLOO requires no energy at all and lightings can be solar powered at minimal cost
§ ECOLOO provides comfort to users, it is ergonomically designed, perfect for bowel system
§ ECOLOO does not require water for flushing but water can still be used for personal hygiene
§ ECOLOO is so easy to be used or maintained and maintenance is low as our bacterial culture is cheap
§ ECOLOO is a decentralized / on-sight treatment system with no digging or piping and doesn't generate sewage
§ ECOLOO generates liquid fertilizer that is odourless, pathogen free, rich with nutrients, safe for the environment
§ ECOLOO can be easily moved from place to place to be used for short or long term and for outdoor and indoor purposes
§ Our special bacterial culture is not only safe for human and environment but can breakdown the solid waste within 3-4 days
§ Our production is scalable and adaptable to other countries and can be adopted in any culture or geographical and climate condition

Planned Goals and Milestones

Our company's top 3 milestones for 2020 are:

§ Developing new products for different applications

§ Developing our smart eToilet with special features including digital payment and toilet tracking app

§ Developing partnerships in some of the big international markets such as India, China, Indonesia, Philippines and South Africa.

Funding Goal15,000,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted2,000,000
New Implemented CountriesChile, United States, Senegal, Nigeria, Malaysia, India, Sierra Leone
Recruit2 management, 3 marketing, 2 board
New Feature Read more: http://www.ecoloogroup.com/impact.html

The Team Behind the Innovation

ECOLOO team players have unique attributes and capabilities in innovation, strategy, R&D and executing programs and running successful companies. These people are highly motivated and passionate ecopreneurs, speakers, professionals and experts, certified trainers, educated, experienced and professional WASH (Water, Sanitation Hygiene) experts. The skills from innovators to manufacturers, environmentalists, trainers & WASH experts. ECOLOO team players are very dedicated and passionate to solve the most serious and humanitarian issues related to WASH. We work together as one and have been doing so for the last 8 years since our cooperation. Invented, patented, tested many products. We have a good track record supplying our products to UNDP twice among others and received many awards, recognitions from institutions around the world.



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