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SEAB Energy Flexibuster™

The FLEXIBUSTER™ is an award-winning and patented waste-to-energy appliance to create renewable energy, water and fertiliser from organic waste onsite.


Sandra Sassow

Stage 4: Transition to Scale

The FLEXIBUSTER™ is containerised, factory-assembled, automated and remote monitored. It is easy to transport, install and operate. Our customers are Fortune 50 companies, hospitals, hypermarkets, non-profits and property developers.

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Focus Areas:

Biomass/BioFuel, Energy Efficiency and Waste Management

Biomass/BioFuel, Energy Efficiency and Waste ManagementSEE LESS

Implemented In:

United Kingdom, Portugal, United States and 1 MoreSEE ALL

United Kingdom, Portugal, United States and FranceSEE LESS

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Energy and waste are two of the biggest challenges facing urban areas around the world today. And let’s not forget how precious water is. Currently everything is handled in a large offsite facility. Waste is collected and transported to remote places or landfill sites for processing. Electricity is generated in large central facilities and transmitted across overloaded grid systems. And worldwide water is in short supply. SEaB Energy can solve all of these problems.



SEaB Energy developed, patented and deployed award-winning, waste to power in a box, the FLEXIBUSTER™, ground-breaking technology to create renewable energy, water and fertiliser from organic waste, on-site. A FLEXIBUSTER™ can further reduce the sites' carbon footprint by taking waste disposal trucks and associated carbon emissions off the road, making significant savings in their waste disposal costs in the process.

Target Beneficiaries

SEaB Energy’s customer base includes business parks, university campuses, hospitals, non-profits, Fortune 50 businesses, multinational property developers and hypermarkets. Since commercialising the product in 2015, the FLEXIBUSTER™ has been successfully sold and installed at a number or sites around the world including the UK, Portugal, France and the US and has been included in a number of smart village initiatives as resource recovery solution for developing communities.

Mission and Vision

SEaB Energy’s FLEXIBUSTER™ was designed to disrupt the way we deal with waste and waste disposal. In the same way that the PC brought data processing power into our homes, the FLEXIBUSTER™ decentralises waste processing power and allows the customer to operate their own waste-to-energy generator using the waste on site as fuel. A significant part of SEaB Energy’s mission is to change how we globally think of waste: not as waste, but as a powerful resource.

Innovation Description

Our award-winning and patented FLEXIBUSTER™ allows businesses and communities to process their own organic waste on-site and convert it into green electricity, heat, water and fertiliser; a unique format helping sites to adhere to renewable energy objectives while reducing the need for diesel-consuming waste transportation. The systems are factory-assembled and housed in shipping containers, enabling quick and low-cost delivery and installation anywhere in the world. The fully automated control system and remote monitoring capability allow simple and safe operation. With the FLEXIBUSTER™, waste become a valuable fuel, and carbon emissions from landfill sites and waste transportation to centralised processors become a thing of the past.

Competitive Advantage

With SEaB Energy, we managed for the first time to pack the process of anaerobic digestion in a standardised, automated, modular and mobile piece of technology that allows true decentralised waste-to-energy processing. Though anaerobic digestion has been used to harvest resources from waste for many years at larger scale, the FLEXIBUSTER™ for the first time brings this process directly to the waste producers, allowing them to extract the valuable resources themselves and use these resources on the spot. The containerised packaging of the FLEXIBUSTER™ makes it quick and easy to transport and install, anywhere in the world.

Planned Goals and Milestones

The FLEXIBUSTER™ is designed to optimise the AD process, enabling high waste-to-biogas conversion rates. The limiting factor now is the biogas-to-electricity conversion: the current industry standard for the electrical efficiency of CHP units (Combined Heat and Power is 33%. Together with strategic partners, we are taking the first steps towards a next-generation CHP design that has high electrical efficiency (42% compared to current market standard of 33%).

Funding Goal350,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted15
New Implemented CountriesAustralia, Nigeria, Korea, South, Japan, India, Uganda, South Africa
RecruitControl Systems Engineer, Onsite Site Delivery Management Relationship Management
New FeatureValue Engineering for global outsourced manufacturing, Deployed system data management


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