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Floating Fab Lab

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

The Floating FabLab-AMAZON is a cooperative project envisioned to implement a distributed mobile network of floating infrastructures for inclusive+equitable quality education, research+development new technologies and inclusive+sustainable production along the Amazon river, as an answer to the main challenges of the world today: "climate change and social inclusion", through the integration of latest technologies in digital manufacturing (FAB: the new industrial revolution) with the potential of cultural and natural diversity of Amazon territory (one of the areas most affected by global warming). His green heart condition makes AMAZON the ideal place where future manufacturing could be incubated (Bio-Materials, Bio-digital Fabrication, Eco-Construction, Eco-machines...), exploring alternatives for a responsible industry integrated to species conservation and democratizing access to these technologies to the native population in order to solve their local challenges such as health, energy and education. FLOATING FAB LAB - AMAZON is a global call for partnership between people, institutions and countries to promote the conservation and sustainable development of the biodiversity and culture in the Amazon. The project is led by FabLab Peru and Fab Foundation (The Center for Bits and Atoms, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, CBA-MIT), with the support of The Latin America Fab Lab Network(FabLaT), the Environment Ministry of Peru, The Research Institute of the Peruvian Amazon (IIAP), Project A+ and uAbureau.
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Economic Growth and Trade, Education, Non-formal Education (OOS/ALP) and 4 MoreSEE ALL

Economic Growth and Trade, Education, Non-formal Education (OOS/ALP), Inclusive Education, Workforce Development, Environment and InclusionSEE LESS

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Since opportunities for education and economic prosperity are particularly sparse in the Amazon, the potential for benefit from the presence of a fab lab is seen as especially high. Many indigenous locals feel like they have only two options growing up: to join the drug trade or try to profit from invasive and destructive outside businesses. South America’s Floating Fab Lab will provide an answer to climate change, production and consumption cycles, and social inclusion, through integrating the latest digital manufacturing technologies with the rich cultural and natural diversity of the Amazon. https://vimeo.com/141452747


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