Updated Sep 10, 2019

Ghana Bamboo Bikes

GBBI produces affordable and sustainable bamboo bicycles by training, empowering, and employing young rural women in Ghana to produce bicycles.


Bernice Dapaah

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Stage 5: Scaling

Focus Areas:

Gender Equity and Environment

Gender Equity and EnvironmentSEE LESS

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Envirotech is solving the problem of finding an affordable, green mode of transportation. Currently, there are very few quality options available to customers that are actually feasible and not ridiculously expensive. In addition, our company also does a great deal of philanthropy by donating bicycles to students in rural communities to help them get to school faster. We also value the empowerment of women and consistently are training and hiring rural women to help build our bicycles.

Innovation Description

The EcoRide bicycle comes in 2 forms, either as a frame or as a full bicycle. The frame is built almost completely out of bamboo, bamboo fibers, and epoxy. We only use a small piece of metal for the bottom bracket of the frame to secure the pedals. Because bamboo has a higher tensile and compressive strength than steel, our EcoRide bamboo frame is lighter and stronger than most steel frames and is made out of practically all-natural materials. In addition, due to our manufacturing process, we are able to price these bicycles 40% lower than most of our main competitors.

Competitive Advantage

Although this solution isn't necessarily new or innovative, the way we are creating the bicycles is completely new. We hire a majority of women manufacturers, only use old recycled, second-hand bicycles to build our complete bicycles, and we plant 10 bamboo trees for every 1 bamboo tree we cut down. It's not always the product that is innovative, nor the actual methodology, but the approach that allows for the advancement of a whole community.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Our main plan for growth first consists of securing funding to be able to increase our production speed and capacity, second increasing our marketing and visibility in the international market as Envirotech, and lastly continue to build partnerships and connections with other NGO's and companies that believe in our mission and values. Our marketing strategy consists of targeting specific companies, charities, and NGO's to work and collaborate on events. Currently, we are partnered with the African Bicycle Contribution Foundation and are working on partnerships with a bicycle shop in the US called Franklinton Cycle Works and also with the sporting goods store Decathalon to have our bicycles in stock in their retail stores. The Decathalon partnership is especially key because we not only have the potential of being included in the Ghana store's catalog but also have the opportunity of being signed as a Decathalon brand and be sold in their stores' worldwide.


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