Updated Mar 01, 2018

How Whales Can Save the Oceans


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We can isolate which whale is vocalizing and what position they are in when click communicating with the level of equipment we have already built and tested with the whales. We have video to issustrate this. More sophisticated apparatus'es need to be built so we can move on to the next level.

Focus Areas:

Environment and Wildlife

Environment and WildlifeSEE LESS

Innovation Description

Our innovation willend ignorance of our counterparts in the oceans, assist in food production, assist in the battle against climate change, and forge a closer connection between humans and the great whales.
How does your innovation work?
We video and record socializing pods of sperm whales using a multi directional hydrophone, mulit hi def video camera system that allows us to hear and see the individuals in real time and compare the sounds to body placements and movements of the individual whales. We then process the imagery and sounds to determine which whale is vocalizing. Then we forge a playback system as we learn which whale is vocalizing and what that whale and the other whales positions and movements are at the precise moments the vocalization occurs. We process this to begin to creat on our apparatus sounds that we will play back to the whales as we try to mimic signature calls of theirs and enact a response. This is the first step (already partially completed) in understanding them and being able to process their sounds and at the least understand their language to the greater extent and at the most be able to establish communication with them. We are the only ones who are tying sperm whale communication to specific individuals. We have the most sophisticated apparatus to record in the field that we know of and want to push production to the next level in order to learn and prove even more with respect to the complexities of language in the life form on the earth with the largest brain the Sperm whale. We are the only ones we know of that are trying to unlock what the vocalizing sperm whales are trying to communicate and plan to attempt with great care to communicate back to them in their own language.

Planned Goals and Milestones

We need to build a far more sophisticated system of hydrophones and multi direction video recorders. We need the software and personnel to process the results of our fieldwork. We need the personnel and software to create the responses we will play for the whales and again very sophisticated equipment and personnel to process the resutls of thos carefully selected experiments. Our window for fieldwork requires very good visibility, cooperative and socializing sperm whales (something we have already found but only seasonally) and relatively calm seas.


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