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AIDFI Hydraulic Ram Pump

Environment friendly pumping of water uphill through a locally perfected ram pump to develop upland communities and farms.


Auke Idzenga

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Stage 5: Scaling

AIDFI has the capacity to manufacture all the ram pumps demanded by the local market. It has also installation teams and provide other independent teams with ram pumps. Internationally it has done and still doing complete technology transfers.
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Focus Areas:

Leadership Development, Entrepreneurship, Economic Empowerment and 8 MoreSEE ALL

Leadership Development, Entrepreneurship, Economic Empowerment, Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Health, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Aquaculture, Wind & Water Energy and SanitationSEE LESS

Implemented In:

Philippines, Afghanistan, Colombia and 2 MoreSEE ALL

Philippines, Afghanistan, Colombia, Nepal and MexicoSEE LESS

Lives Impacted to Date
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There are many water less communities and farms. Lack of water gives many problems. Problems are: time and money spent for water fetching, limited volume, kids skipping classes, lack of sanitation, health issues, no option for laundry near the house, hardly any chance for animal or fish raising or vegetable growing. For farms which are rainfall dependent: limited number of crop cycles, unpredictable crop seasons because of Climate Change. For environment: other pumping systems are polluting.



The AIDFI ram pump runs water uphill without the use of fuel or electricity and pollution in an increased volume (at an average ten times) at hardly any cost. The now free flowing water completely changes the lives of the villagers and farmers by countering the above mentioned problems. Extra water creates so many opportunities around the house and even makes (water requiring) livelihood projects possible. For farmers it makes them less dependent on rainfall and increases their production.

Target Beneficiaries

Mostly villagers and farmers in upland areas who have no easy access to water for drinking, household and or irrigation. Most of them can be considered as poor. AIDFI already installed 540 ram pump systems with over 1000 ram pumps all over the Philippines with some 270.000 beneficiaries.

Mission and Vision

A society where technology and development systems exist in harmony with nature and serves as foundation of growth and sustainable development where people share and live in abundance and happiness and where there is peace, freedom and equity. We are dedicated to excellence in the development and for promotion of appropriate technology and social enterprises for sustainable development; committed to effectiveness and efficiency in development management and committed to facilitating empowerment.

Innovation Description

The ram pump which has been a forgotten technology with wrong timing in history but with a huge potential, uses the energy contained in falling water to bring a portion of the water passing through it to a higher elevation. No electricity or fuel needed. The AIDFI model is a crossbreed of commercial and DIY ram pump models with the best off both. It has a high efficiency, can pump to great heights (250 meters) and has simple spare parts (door hinge as prime mover) which are locally available. The AIDFI ram pump comes in ten different sizes and can be produced piece by piece. With the AIDFI model the technology comes with extensive social preparation and training of local technicians for sustainability of the systems. As an innovative organization, AIDFI never stops looking at ways to improve the model or system. Recently it developed solar powered coin operated kiosk for water dispensing. These kiosks avoid incomplete monthly collection of water fees and fair distribution of the water compared to the previous public tap stands. There is also a higher collection which is utilized for allowances of local technicians and key association staff and even expansion of the system of other forms of livelihood. The money collected stays in the association. Then an App has been developed for monitoring of the system technically and organizationally. The associations get a mobile phone with the App and update AIDFI on a monthly basis with vital information.

Competitive Advantage

The AIDFI ram pump is an ideal solution for far flung communities or farms. It doesn’t require electricity or fuel and is therefore cheap in operation. Also, it is made in such a way that the villagers and farmers have control over the technology in terms of operation, repair, maintenance and management. If there is free flowing water, it is more appropriate than solar. In the mountains often shade is a problem and the repair or replacement of the submersible pump very expensive. The uniqueness in our innovation lies not only in the ram pump itself but the whole system and approach around it, including monitoring and after sales service. AIDFI stands for quality and puts it heart in the pumps and systems. Then AIDFI offers the technology through techno-transfer to serious interested individuals or groups. For the technology to spread further. This in contrast to other manufacturers who go for easy and quick profits. The price, quality and sincerity can’t be matched by others.

Planned Goals and Milestones

- Designing, manufacturing and installing bigger ram pumps for irrigation. Right now AIDFI has a proto type for an 8" ram pump. These bigger pumps need to be tried out in the field and data gathered. - Further standardizing, piloting and adoption of newly developed solar powered water dispensing kiosks (which provides 20 liters water for a peso coin). Then data gathering of the performance and beneficiary experiences. - Technology Transfer to India and other interested countries.
Funding Goal250,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted22,500
New Implemented CountriesIndia
Recruit5 technicians
New FeatureA perfected water dispensing kiosk and well designed and functioning bigger sizes pumps


Mar 2019
Recognition ReceivedPENDING
Mar 2019
Lives Impacted
Mar 2019
New Product Or Service
Built first ten units of the newly developed solar powered coin operated water dispensing kiosk in ram pump communities
Aug 2007
Recognition ReceivedPENDING
TITLEAshden Award
Aug 1997
New Country Implemented In
Sep 1992

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