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Innovated composting technology to divert resources from landfills by composting food waste at source


Chelsea Chee

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Stage 5: Scaling

We have already implemented some successful sites over the few years and we are looking at scaling up to more sites by offering rental options.

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MAEKO’s food waste composting machines are engineered to divert resources from landfills by composting food waste at source and resolving negative impacts of food waste towards economic, environmental and societal significance. MAEKO helps reduce high haulage cost, reducing carbon foot prints, methane gas pollution from the landfills, reducing GHG emission, eliminate foul air pollution, leachate, and to minimize the continuous creation of hazardous landfills.

Innovation Description

MAEKO food waste composting machine converts food waste into bio-organic compost within 24 hours that can be used to enrich the soil, a natural resource to return to the environment. MAEKO food waste composting machine uses a patented Microbial Aerobic Compression Composting Technology with a built-in Aerobic Filtration System. This technology combines the best of both mechanical and biological functions which enables food waste to be composted in the shortest time. Our technology is scalable and flexible to be adopted as decentralized units located at each waste generating sites like hotels, school , factory etc. Our vision is to make the solution so flexible that all organic waste will be resolved at source and therefore no more food waste is being discarded into landfill rotting and generate green house gas which caused climate change. We will also develop home composter where each family is responsible to settle its own organic waste.

Competitive Advantage

The current solutions are usually organic recycling or recovery centre which still required transportation of organic waste to the centre which is usually far from the waste source. The start up of a organic recovery centre are usually high and therefore government in developing countries have less budget allocation to implement enough such recovery centres to tackle the amount of organic waste they have. Therefore our small start up cost of stand alone compositing machines do not tax on government spendings, individual waste generator is given an options to own, lease or rent MAEKO composting machines to immediately kick start this green initiative . The fast start can bring the country towards achieving zero waste status at a faster speed.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Indonesia is our next target market which we will be resolving food waste issues by tackling at the source of 52 wet markets. An initiative together with the local municipal council of the province. MAEKO will start with 2 sites in 2019 and expand in phases to fulfill this 52 wet markets within 3 years. We believe through this expansion, MAEKO will create job opportunities to the locals in a hygiene and clean environment. A total of 52 tons of food waste per day will be diverted from landfills by the completion of the expansion in year 2022.


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